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The Center for Advanced Machine Mobility (CAMM) at the Georgia Institute of Technology is a multidisciplinary research center consisting of a network of faculty and students engaged in creating new mobile platform technologies and configurations. A focus of the CAMM is creating highly specialized and application specific technologies to improve the mobility of new and existing platforms. This often takes the form of integration of emerging technologies into platforms in innovative ways to create enabling features and capabilities for mobile machines. In addition to establishing mobile machine technologies, the CAMM is also focused on educating the next generation of mobile machine engineers and researchers. Rigorous coursework in dynamics of physical systems, control system engineering, mechanical/aerospace system design, and mechatronics combined with experience in conceiving, planning, executing, and reporting advanced research seeks to synergistically develop students into highly capable professionals that are work ready.

The pages to the left provide an overview of activities in the CAMM. For more information, contact Professor Mark Costello,